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Parrot Disco-Pro Ag

All NDVI systems highlight crop variability not visible to the naked eye or with an RGB camera. But without calibration, the NDVI value is only relative to that field on that day.

Come talk to us about the Parrot Disco-Pro Ag with the Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera, calibrated for incident light level with its sunshine sensor.

Multispectral has become affordable -- our full package includes a year of Airinov+ software, 3 months of Pix4D Ag, and a full stock of extra parts to ensure that you'll have access to multispectral mapping for the entire crop season.

We will officially start selling the Disco-Pro Ag at Farmtech -- as us for details there, or check back here on February 1 for full package details.

Full package price only $7,450.

Still have some questions?  Give us a call at (780)448-7445 to tell us about your requirements for agricultural imaging.  

If we don't carry what you need, perhaps you can help us integrate the pieces that would be most useful for you.

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