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The ag drone space is constantly changing. New sensors, new concepts, new techniques, and new aircraft ... every few months. We try to keep up on what's happening by meeting with people as much as we can, and have an extensive network of colleagues (including many of what would otherwise be "competitors"). But you can only travel so much, so we keep up on the latest in this industry by reading and reading. Markus Weber has been curating Flipboard magazines on related issues for the past few years. Flipboard collects quality current content on your favorite topics and presents them in a beautiful magazine format. See for yourself: try Flipboard on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. If you

InterDrone: options for the 2017 crop year

If there is one constant in agricultural, it is change. And that's even more the case for drones in agriculture, as there are constant improvements in aircraft, sensors and software. The InterDrone conference in Vegas this week had thousands of participants from 58 countries -- here are a few highlights that I think might apply to uses on Canadian farms. VTOL: Vertical takeoff with fixed-wing acreage efficiency In a single flight, our AgEagle RX60 is able to cover well over 300 acres at 5 cm/pixel resolution. But in order to achieve that type of coverage, it takes advantage of the fact that it only requires one propeller driving it forward. If there is one big complexity in flight for all of

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