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About LandView

LandView was born initially out of the work and staff of Serecon Inc., an Alberta-based consulting firm focussing on farmland valuation and agricultural management consulting.  In January 2015, two Serecon shareholders, Don Hoover and Markus Weber, created AgEagle Canada Inc. to sell and distribute a fixed-wing drone assembled in Kansas across Canada (with dealers from Alberta to Ontario).  In the summer of 2015, the product portfolio was expanded to include a turnkey package built around the DJI Inspire 1 multirotor.  


And beginning in March of 2016, the company began doing business as LandView Drones, with a number of customized combinations of sensor, drone and software. Additional products will be launched by summer 2017, so please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.  We plan to develop just as quickly as the use of drones explodes in Canadian field crop production. 

Our Team

If you do not already have a contact at LandView, please reach out to us through our central phone line at (780) 448-7445.

The members of our team are:

Markus Weber
Don Hoover
Cheryl March
Office Manager
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