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Inspired Ag 2

The DJI Inspire 1 was a remarkably agile and stable aircraft, but its biggest benefit to farmers is its versatility.  Its camera and gimbal were attached to the aircraft by a single retaining ring, making it possible to switch between a variety of different cameras.  The Inspire 2 continues this tradition and we now have a farm NDVI package using that aircraft.

Full details will be released, along with the rest of our 2018 product guide, by February 10.

Our farm-ready package comes equipped with both the standard X4S camera and a near-infrared converted model of the X4S.  That way, it can be used both for crop health mapping and the many other uses for your drone on your farm.


With the Map Pilot app (included in the package, requires your iOS device), the Inspire 2 drone is transformed into a reliable and powerful mapping tool. The Map Pilot app simply automates your flight from takeoff to landing and automatically captures photos which then can be uploaded to your DroneDeploy or Landview FarmSolutions accounts for processing to create maps and digital elevation models.


Several unique features of FarmSolutions are the analytical tools and its collaboration tools with annotations.  The NDVI analyses let you turn simple imagery into powerful information that can help make better decisions for your business. DroneDeploy, on the other hand, has the best user interface and makes sharing your maps extremely easy.

Package price for the 2018 Inspired Ag 2:   $9,950

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Sorry, this package is no longer available.

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