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Matrice 30T Package

  • 200x zoom capabilities

  • 54 km/h wind resistance 

  • Industrial multicopter

  • Up to 40 minutes of flight time



Thermal Sensor

  • The thermal imager on the M30T is an Uncooled Vox Microbolometer

  • 642x512 pixel resolution

  • 20 x digital zoom on the Thermal sensor

  • Frame rate of 32 Hz

Zoom Camera

  • Half inch sensor size

  • 48 MP pixel size

  • 200x Max zoom (Optical and Digital)

  • 16x Optical zoom

Additional Payload Options

  • Integrated Laser Rangefinder

  • Flight Safety Beacon

  • RTK Module


The Matrice 30

The Matrice 30T delivers unique aerial intelligence to capture everything. It is reliable in the harshest of environments, with all aspects including the remote controller having an IP54 rating to handle adverse weather. It is incredibly powerful, with the ability to handle winds of up to 54 km/h and top speeds of up to 82 km/h, yet still being portable enough to go wherever you go. Most importantly, it integrates three sensors into one: a 12MP wide camera, a 48 MP camera that has up to 16x optical and 200x hybrid zoom, a laser rangefinder that measures distances up to 1,200 metres, and a thermal imaging camera with 40mm equivalen focal length and 640x512 resolution. This thermal sensation will make an amazing farm tool for cattle search & rescue, or as a thermal security tool to secure your farm and property. It even has the ability to capture smart low-light photos for cattle checks at night, or automatically revisit all of your waterers automatically to make sure your cattle have access to water. Built for public safety uses, but the Matrice 30T is the ultimate rancher's aerial tool.


What's Included in our Package:

Cost: $13,945.00

  • Matrice 30T​

  • DJI RC Plus

  • Heavy-Duty Case

  • 6x TB30 Intelligent Batteries

  • Battery Station

  • WB37 Intelligent Battery

  • 2 pairs of Matrice 30-series Propellers

  • 5' Premium weighted landing pad

  • 2x 64GB speed microSD cards

  • Bright microSD card holder for 10 cards

  • 4-in-1 SD card reader (usable on iPhone, Androud USB-C, Android microUSB, and PC)

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