M200 Slantrange 3PX

  • True multispectral with incident light calibration

  • Fastest maps, no internet (Slantview)

  • Industrial multicopter

  • X5S 20.8 MP camera

Slantrange 3PX


M200 3PX.png
  • In 2016, SLANTRANGE introduced two new sensor systems which provide the same level of accuracy with more than double the area coverage rates of their 2015 systems.

  • In 2017, they upgraded the sensor to the 3p system, which had removable SD card for even faster in-field processing. 

  • In 2018, they integrated that entire system onto DJI's Matrice 200-series industrial quadcopters. Just connect it to the DJI SkyPort for full power and data integration.

  • The SL3p has four separate spectral bands:

    • Green​

    • Red

    • Red-Edge

    • Near Infrared
      If you need a different band configuration, that can also be arranged -- customization is available for very reasonable customization fees.

  • SLANTRANGE introduced radiometrically-accurate multispectral sensors to the industry with the first on-board ambient light calibration sensor in 2014.  The patent pending system enables accurate and repeatable measurements across varying conditions throughout the day or the season. 

  • Results in minutes

  • No network connection or cloud upload required

  • Far more advanced information than simple spectral ratio

Slantrange 3PX

The Slantrange is the ultimate crop imaging system, with workflows to create accurate calibrated maps while you are still in the field, not the morning after when you are home.


Contact us to order now,  
these systems are custom-designed, lead-times are approx. 3 weeks.

SL3p trans.png


The Matrice 200

The Matrice line of quadcopter was released by DJI in 2015 as a developer's platform, allowing for integrators like LandView to add other third-party platforms to their heavier-lifting quadcopters.  We can also source the Matrice 100 (cost-effective) and Matrice 600 (six props, great for higher winds), but the Matrice 200 is the perfect industrial UAV for the Slantrange line of sensors.

Operational within Minutes

The operation of the Matrice 200 is almost identical to the operation of DJI's consumer and prosumer product lines such as the Mavic Pro, Phantom or Inspire. It is a robust tool with the ease of operation & volume-tested reliability of DJI flight control.

Multispectral Imaging of 400 ac with our standard bundle (3 flights, 2 batts)

Plenty of acreage oomph

LandView's packages includes an upgrade with a second set of the TB50 batteries and a set of ultra high capacity TB55 batteries. We include these in our standard package, so that you have the option of long and extra long mapping missions.

What's Included in our Package:

  • DJI Matrice 200

  • Slantrange 3px system:

    • 3px sensor​

    • ambient illumination sensor

    • cabling

  • X5S camera: 20.8 megapixel, micro 4/3

  • Panasonic Lumix 15mm/1.7 lens with balancing ring 

  • Heavy-duty drop-in case​ (GPC)

  • now four TB50 batteries

  • two TB55 batteries

  • two chargers and charging hubs (second charger is 180W)

  • Extra propellers

  • Tablet sunshade

  • Hoodman 5' weighted-perimeter premium landing pad

  • Two 64GB Class 4 SDHC microSD cards (Sandisk)

  • MicroSD card reader for iOS/Android/PC USB

  • MiscroSD holder (keeps up to 10 cards secure)

  • Map Pilot - Business Edition

  • MapsMadeEasy: 6,000 points

  • 6-month subscription to Slantview software 

Note that you will need an iOS device to operate the aircraft.
Most Windows PC's will suffice for the image stitching,
but we recommend at least 16GB of RAM for
rapid in-field processing of maps larger than 160 acres. 

Give us a call to discuss your needs and for pricing on any of our Matrice 200-series packages. 



Slantview Software

The Slantview analytics platform  delivers an entirely new approach to aerial crop measurement and analysis – the first toolset to take full advantage of the centimeter-scale measurements enabled by low and slow flying aircraft while handling huge data volumes in an efficient way.  


What does that mean for you?

• Valuable new classes of information

• Earlier detection of changing health conditions

• Far more efficient workflows for lower operational costs

Exportable data (.kml, .shp, GeoTIFF)  to be consumed wherever, whenever, and however you’d like.  

The Slantview system can generate complete maps, including crop stress maps, within minutes after your flight, without the use of internet-based cloud processing. You get actionable insight to guide crop scouting while still in the field.

Get more information on the Slantview system here.

Sample Data from this System


(Canola demonstration plots, Lacombe, AB, June 2016) When processing a dataset for crop scouting, there are three NDVI options: Green NDVI, Red NDVI, and Red-Edge NDVI (shown in this particular sample). The main window on the right shows the overall field map. As with all of the other types of maps, the zoomed-in view (on the left) can show any of the four main vegetative indexes, a composite most similar to RGB, or the raw imagery from each of the bands.

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Canopy Closure
Canopy Closure

(Canola, County of Camrose, AB, July 2016) Early in the season, this can be used to gauge whether there have been seeding issues, based on germination and the canopy closure. The Slantview software also includes the ability to filter out soil, during slightly later crop stages.

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Yield Potential
Yield Potential

(Canola and barley, Parkland County, AB, August 2016) A proprietary index showing likely yield depression due to lower vegetative index values.

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Stress Indicator
Stress Indicator

(Canola and barley, Parkland County, August 2016) The main window on right shows field overview of stress. When mousing over that window, the zoom window shows full details, by sensor or in a variety of different vegetative indices.

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Weed Detection
Weed Detection

(Canola plots, cotyledon to two leaf stage, Saskatchewan, June 2016) Early in the season, Slantrange is able to generate population counts for row crops or well-spaced broadleaf crops like canola. This also enables the ability to detect weed pressure (weeds are false-coloured yellow in this sample).

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Key Uses on the Farm

If you need to fly large acreage maps far from any internet connection, then this is the right combination for mapping your fields.  

  • Mapping of current crop health, with multiple indicators

  • Mapping of current crop stress to help guide scouting

  • Mapping changes in crop stress/health over time

  • Plant population counts

We carry three systems that calibrate incident light and thereby allow for comparisons of maps generated of the same crop over time.  Of all of those systems, this one will cover acreage most efficiently, including in remote areas.