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NEW:   Mavic 3 Scouting Package

  • Two cameras combine the best of the two previous models:

    • 20MP Hasselblad with 1" sensor​

    • 12MP Explore mode with 7x optical,
      28x hybrid zoom for scouting

  • Perfectly portable

  • Amazing photo & video

  • "Scouting Package" adds:

    • extra batteries

    • simultaneous multicharger

    • heavy-duty case that fits everything except the landing pad

    • premium Hoodman 3' landing pad

    • premium microSD cards, card reader, card holder


3-axis stabilized 12 MP camera with up to 28x hybrid zoom

  • zoom lets you keep your distance from crops or cattle

  • 7x optical zoom in Explore mode (top 12MP sensor),
    plus up to 4x digital zoom make this a perfect scouting tool

  • the primary sensor is a 1" Hasselblad 20MP camera, ideal for beautiful photos and video 

Sensors for flight control

  • true omnidirectional obstacle detection

  • GPS and vision sensors for steady hover


The Mavic 3

The DJI Mavic 3 is a small yet powerful drone weighing only 895 grams that lets you very quickly get airborne for a quick look at your crops or livestock. The compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever.

Long range, height sensors and a 4K stabilized camera are at your command. Even the remote controller is pocket-sized, so you can always have this with you in your pickup’s glove compartment.

  • One of DJI's newest offerings, just released this winter

  • Up to 15 km video transmission (OcuSync 3+)

  • Up to 40 minutes hovering time in ideal conditions

  • DJI Fly app-based flight control

  • Top speed of 68 km/h in Sport Mode

  • Max wind resistance of 43 km/h

  • Many intelligent flight modes including Active Track

Not sure what zoom will do for you?  Check out these examples...


Key Uses on the Farm

The Mavic line's key feature is its portabilit​y. You'll always be keeping it with you in the pickup whenever you scout your fields or check your cows.

  • Crop scouting
    (have you seen your canola at the back of a quarter in July?)

  • Great for videos of seeding & harvest
    or any other field operations

  • Finding cows when clearing bush pasture or calving checks

  • Amazing for outdoor recreation too


Buying just the standard DJI package you get...

In our Scouting Package you get farm-ready accessories ...


 Fly More Combo = $3,639

With our "Mavic 3 Scouting Package" at $3,849 you also get:

  • Mavic 3 Zoom

  • Remote controller

  • 3 intelligent flight batteries

  • Set of ND filters

  • Wall charger

  • Multicharging hub (simultaneous)

  • 4 pairs of propellers

  • Cables

  • Extremely durable heavy-duty case 

  • two 64GB microSD cards (Sandisk Extreme Pro)

  • 4-in-1 SD card reader for iOS, microUSB, USB-C, USB-A

  • MicroSD card holder (keeps up to 10 cards secure)
  • 3' premium Hoodman weighted-perimeter landing pad

  • One year of LandView's legendary support with:

    • getting started​

    • using this system on and for the farm

  • Mavic 3 Zoom

  • Remote controller

  • 3 intelligent flight batteries

  • Set of ND filters

  • Wall charger

  • Multicharging hub (sequential)

  • 4 pairs of propellers

  • Cables

  • Soft canvas case/backpack

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