Tuition for the school includes 16 hours of on-site instruction on both the legalities of RPAS operations and instruction on agricultural workflows for data collected from RGB, NIR, and multsipectral systems. The registration fee also covers lunches and refreshments on-site, the use of Landview's equipment for hands-on training, and even a small DJI Tello drone to keep practicing at home.


The course will be held at a community hall or similar location, with several hours or practical hands-on flight training.  It is recommended that all participants bring warm clothing to get the most out of the outdoor time.


The course also includes an introduction to agricultural sensors, from near-infrared converted cameras to multispectral systems. Information will also be presented on software options for both flight control and for using the RPAS data to support farm management decisions.


See full details under "Ag Drone School" in the top menu.


Ask us about our "Learn & Fly" discounts, for 20-50% off the price of the course when purchasing hardware packages from Landview.



The school timing has been set so that it will not interfere with preparations for seeding, and to conclude by the middle of April.  Unfortunately, this may mean cool temperatures. Temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, in particular, may make operating a drone uncomfortable and will shorten battery life for some systems. High-moisture (whether active precipitation or fog) also pose significant issues for the UAV technology and for safe operations of any aircraft. We reserve the right, given the need for safe operations, to cancel or delay the in-field portions of the flight training for safety and weather reasons.

Ag Drone School

  • Cancellations will be accepted and a full refund proviced until a week before the scheduled course delivery date.  Cancellations within the last week before the course will have $100 of the course fees held back.

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