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At LandView we don't just sell you just a drone.

We assemble complete systems with everything you'll need to get a drone working on your farm.

We start with the sensor, and then pair it with the right aircraft and software. Then we bundle it with all of the accessories you'll need, at a better price than buying them separately.

And lastly -- we add our support to get the system actually adding value to your farm. We also bring you training to ensure that you can operate your drone safely and legally.

Our drone packages include everything you'll need to use a UAV system effectively on a farm. No need to buy extra batteries, heavy duty cases, card readers, etc. We can also provide software so that you can take advantage of Enterprise drones' mapping functionality. 

We have tested these systems rigorously for you ... and deliver only packages that are ready to go to work on the farm.

See your farm

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