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From your first takeoff to completely legal, autonomous mapping missions in two days!

New this year ... an advanced course focused on spraying and spreading by drone


We are going beyond just imaging - the technology is now here to start applying product.  The DJI Agras-series drones enable both spreading of cover crops/fertilizers and application of liquid product.  The regulations still need to catch up for regulated pesticides, but we'll hopefully be applying those within the next few years as well. We are also continuing our popular Ag Drone Schools.

All of our events have the same registration fee ... $590 plus tax for two-day Ag Drone School or Drone Spraying ClinicThat fee always includes a binder of materials, access to our drones for practice, lunches, and all of the supplies you need for effective learning.  For spraying events, it also includes a complementary 3-hour online crash course to help you prepare for the Basic Certificate online exam with Transport Canada.

Our Ag Drone School deals with every aspect of productive, safe, and legal use of remotely piloted aerial systems by farmers & agronomists. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing of Vegetation

  • NDVI and other vegetative indexes

  • Data accuracy: sensor types and calibration

  • Future of crop imaging ... hyperspec, thermal, machine learning

  • From fly to apply: software workflows

  • Use cases: the many uses of drones on farms

  • Knowledge Requirements for Small Basic Operations:

    • ​Air law, air traffic rules and procedures

    • RPAS airframes, power plants, propulsion and systems

    • Human factors

    • Meteorology

    • Navigation

    • Flight operations

    • Theory of flight

    • Radiotelephony

Ag Drone School featured on CBC's The National

Thank you for your interest in Ag Drone School
Everyone is welcome at our Ag Drone School – we’ve enjoyed having everyone participate, from teenagers to retired agronomists, from government environmental agency staff to agtech entrepreneurs. You don't even need to have a drone -- only about ¼ of attendees already have an RPAS, many are just taking the course because they want to learn about it before purchasing anything.
But the vast majority of attendees are farmers and agronomists, and that’s exactly how we like it. During the course, we talk about the uses & limitations of this technology for agriculture and exactly how you would go about using the data. We'll discuss what is possible in vegetative remote sensing now and demonstrate exactly what sensors & software you would use on your farm.
Much of the teaching time is dedicated to the regulatory requirements the federal government imposes. Since June 2019, any operator of an RPAS over 250 grams is required to have a certificate to operate the drone. For most farmers, a Basic Certificate is enough. For this reason, our in-person Ag Drone School will focus on delivering the Knowledge Requirements for "Small Basic" operations.


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Learn & Fly Discount

To encourage customers to fly legally, anyone who attends our Ag Drone School gets a one-time "Learn & Fly" refund of a portion of their registration fees when purchasing one of our packages:

  • 20% of registration fee refunded with any package over $2,000

  • 30% with any mapping package

  • 50% with any multispectral or thermal package

  • 100% of the Spraying Clinic registration with any Agras package

That's a refund of up to $590.  It doesn't matter whether you attended in the past or are registering now.
Just remind us that y
ou attended Ag Drone School when you place an order.

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