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Bruce Phos: Alpine Plots in NDVI

Bruce Phos Yard

Bruce Location

Alliance Location

Click on the images above to open a map of the location.  If you have the GPS on your smartphone enabled, it will show your location on the map with a blue dot.

NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) uses false colours to show differences in crop growth & crop health.  Generally, red areas are thin crop or unhealthy crop.  But that is not always the case, so NDVI is a tool that complements ground truthing by an agronomist.

Want more info?  Talk to Robin Harrison about the details of his drone service and the interpretation of NDVI imagery.

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Interested in purchasing your own drone package?  Talk to Robin about his DJI Inspire or AgEagle, or the other products offered by LandView Drones in Edmonton.

Robin Harrison

Viking, AB

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