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CanolaPalooza ... as seen by LandView

Flown using a modified 20 MP camera that filters out red wavelengths and adds near infrared light.  Produces a reddish image.

NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) uses false colours to show differences in crop growth & crop health.  Generally, red areas are non-crop of unhealthy (or shadows).  Try if you can see the difference between Ag In Motion crop plots from the air.

Just another way of showing the NDVI, with differences in calculations and colour ramps that make things appear a little different.  Less shadow effect!

The AgEagle can also produce detailed digital terrain models of your fields, or it can be used for other surveying work.

The digital surface modelling creates a frame over which the actual images can be draped to create a 3D model.  With a regular RGB QX1 camera in the AgEagle instead of the near infrared filtering, this model can be very realistic.

The imagery above is produced using instant stitching by DroneDeploy, stitching an NDVI image within minutes of the flight.  A live version cannot be readily produced for safety reasons with the presence of the crowd, so the imagery was flown late on Sunday, July 19, before the huge crowds of visitors arrived.

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