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FireFly6 SL3p

  • Fixed-wing efficiency

  • Vertical takeoff & landing

  • Multispectral

  • Fastest maps

  • No internet required

Slantrange SL3p

  • In 2016, SLANTRANGE introduced two new sensor systems which provide the same level of accuracy with more than double the area coverage rates of their 2015 systems.

  • In 2017, they upgraded the sensor to the 3p system, which has a removable SD card for even faster in-field processing. 

  • The SL3p has four separate spectral bands:

    • Green​

    • Red

    • Red-Edge

    • Near Infrared

  • If you need a different band configuration, that can also be arranged -- customization is available from Slantrange.

  • SLANTRANGE introduced radiometrically accurate multispectral sensors to the industry with the first on-board ambient light calibration sensor in 2014.  The patent pending system enables accurate and repeatable measurements across varying conditions throughout the day or the season. 

  • Results in minutes

  • No network connection or cloud upload required

  • Far more advanced information than simple spectral ratio


Slantrange 3p

NEWS as of March 2, 2017:

Slantrange has announced their newest system.  Yes, we carry the 3p and are offering it as part of FireFLY6 and Matrice 100 packages.


Contact us to order now!

As these systems are custom-designed, lead-times are approx. 3 weeks.


The FireFly6

The FireFly6 is a vertical takeoff & landing fixed wing.  The propellers are arranged in a "Y6" pattern.  All six propellers are used for vertical/hover flight, while the front four props rotate forward and are used for forward flight.

Operate Anywhere

When seconds count, a big open field with a permissive landowner is only minutes away ... on a super good day. Requiring only a 10x10 foot (3x3m) launch/recovery area, the FireFLY6 PRO is a practical solution that can be launched quickly from anywhere, thanks to its industry-leading Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capability.

Cover More Ground

While traditional multicopters can match the FireFLY6 PRO's VTOL capability, they fly slowly and inefficiently. With superior flight time and faster ground speed, the FireFLY6 PRO leaves multicopters far behind when it comes to coverage. Gain efficiency and effectiveness by covering more area, faster.

Vertical Takeoff & Landing

Return Safely, Everytime

Pure fixed wing platforms have long been the dominant players in applications that require extended flight times, but landing accurately requires expert piloting and often a bit of luck. Common workarounds (reverse thrust/deep stall) still require large areas and result in violent landings.


In cluttered real world scenarios, the FireFLY6 PRO's exceptionally accurate, soft landings ensure that your flights end without damage to precious payloads or surrounding property.


  • Wingspan: 60" (1524mm)

  • Length: 37.4" (950mm)

  • Weight: 8.4-9.9lbs (3.8-4.5kg)

  • Flight Time: 40+min with payload*

  • Range, Physical: 22+mi (36+km)**

  • Range, Wireless: 3+mi (5+km)**

  • Payload Capacity: 1.5lbs (0.7kg)

  • Cruise Speed: 30-35kts (15-18m/s)

  • Coverage: 450 acres (180 ha)***

  • Durable EPO foam body

  • Carbon fiber frame with aircraft-grade plywood supports

*assumes hover limited to takeoff/landing (standard VTOL ops), near sea level, landing at 10% battery capacity
**if permitted by local regulations. Note that only few operators are allowed to fly beyond visual line of sight.
***400ft (122m) AGL, 60% sidelap, 2.9cm/pixel RGB (Sony a5100/a6000 with 16mm lens)

What's Included:

  • FireFLY6 PRO, flight tested and ready to work

  • Full AvA functionality (Mapping Key)

  • Heavy-duty carrying case (by GoProfessional Cases)

  • High-power (RFD900+) ground station telemetry radio

  • Sony DualShock 4 wireless controller

  • Two sets of flight batteries

  • Ultra-portable field chargers

  • Heavy-duty four-battery multicharger

Note that you will need a laptop or Windows tablet to operate the aircraft. We recommend a ruggedized laptop with bright screen and would be happy to help you source this as well.


Slantview Software

The Slantview analytics platform  delivers an entirely new approach to aerial crop measurement and analysis – the first toolset to take full advantage of the centimeter-scale measurements enabled by low and slow flying aircraft while handling huge data volumes in an efficient way.  


What does that mean for you?

• Valuable new classes of information

• Earlier detection of changing health conditions

• Far more efficient workflows for lower operational costs

Exportable data (.kml, .shp, GeoTIFF)  to be consumed wherever, whenever, and however you’d like.  As of November 2016, SLANTRANGE has also created an app that allows you to upload the GeoTIFF output directly to yourDroneDeploy account -- ideal for those who already have customers receiving data through their data-sharing interface.

The Slantview system can generate complete maps, including crop stress maps, within minutes after your flight, without the use of internet-based cloud processing. You get actionable insight to guide crop scouting while still in the field.

Get more information on the Slantview system here.

Sample Data from this System

Key Uses on the Farm

If you need to fly large acreage maps far from any internet connection, then this is the right combination for mapping your fields.  

  • Mapping of current crop health, with multiple indicators

  • Mapping of current crop stress to help guide scouting

  • Mapping changes in crop stress/health over time

  • Plant population counts

We carry three systems that calibrate incident light and thereby allow for comparisons of maps generated of the same crop over time.  Of all of those systems, this one will cover acreage most efficiently, including in remote areas.

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