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Ground School spots available - April 9

As part of annual training for our dealers, we will have the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems deliver their Ground School training. An excellent course that ensures we are all up-to-date on regulatory and safety aspects of operating UAV's. It covers the following topics that are all deemed essential by Transport Canada:

  • Aerodynamics

  • Air law and regulations

  • Communications

  • Weather and basic UAS 101

We will have a few seats left for the two-day event (April 9 & 10, 2015). So please do give me a call if you are interested in attending (whether as an AgEagle dealer, customer, or just a UAV enthusiast). We'll offer the seats at the standard CCUVS rates, and we'll even throw in a free lunch.

Call Markus at (780) 266-4641

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