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AgEagle now flying strong in Canada

The entire team at AgEagle Canada has been working hard to get our crop imaging system to farmers for this year's crop emergence. The cellular connection and DroneDeploy processing are up & running reliably in Canada. Two systems are already flying in both western and central Canada, with wings on their way this week and ten systems ready to fly in May.

Safety and reliability are key, so our entire dealership network attended a full three-day event that included regulatory ground school delivered by Canada Unmanned Inc (the CCUVS curriculum), followed by detailed flight training by Bret Chilcott, the founder of AgEagle LLC from Neodesha, Kansas.

We have already seen plenty of interest by farmers and the media at all of the events we attended. See, for example, stories compliments of the Western Producer and International Business News.

But what we are looking forward to the most is hearing first-hand the many ways that our customers will use the crop health information to increase revenue and decrease production costs. We are as excited as everyone else about #plant15.

The AgEagle RAPID is a complete crop imaging system that includes launcher, flying wing, and extremely easy image processing by web browser. Thanks to its data connection by cellular carrier (data use also included), the imagery is available on a web-enabled device while the pilot is still in the field.

Contact any of our dealers for more on the AgEagle RAPID system, or to find out about demos planned for your area this summer.

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