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LandView's 2017 Products - VTOL!

We are happy to provide you with a detailed listing of our offering of systems for the 2017 crop year. Each of our packages includes everything you need to for your drone to provide real value to your farm or agronomy operation. We hope to not sell you anything else for the remainder of the crop year, because everything you will need to fly all season is included right in our bundles.

We make sure that the sensor, the drone, and the software are matched perfectly.

When you buy your drone elsewhere, you will get a controller and a battery so that you can get airborne. But we don't settle for ready-to-fly, because in farm conditions you need your drone to be useful for longer than a single flight. All of our packages contain the extra batteries that you would otherwise buy (at higher cost) afterward. Other elements become obvious only after you've been flying for a while. You will eventually need a sunshade, spare propellers, and image stitching software. When you purchase from LandView, it's already in the package.

What's new to our product offerings this year?

  • We have the new DJI Mavic Pro as the "Fly More" bundle. It's already in extremely high demand, with shipping delays, but still possible to get your order in this tax year.

  • The "Splash Drone" is completely waterproof and has a release mechanism for dropping a fishing lure. We're sure this will have a creative use somewhere on farms.

  • By far the most exciting is the combination of products included in our FireFLY6 packages. Unheard of in the fixed wing UAV marketplace, and especially at such an affordable price point, you will not find anything else like this in Canada or elsewhere. The FireFLY6 SL2p, with its onboard Slantrange sensor, has us particularly excited:

  • Fixed wing efficiency -- 250 acres in one flight

  • Vertical takeoff & landing -- bring it home safely, even in confined spaces

  • No need for internet for flight control

  • No need for internet for image processing

  • Faster maps than anything else in the crop imaging industry

  • True four-band multispectral imaging for up to 8 different crop indicator map types

Whether you want to start crop imaging as a business or you manage a large farm of your own, the combination of the FireFLY6 and the Slantrange SL2p sensor is what you've been waiting for. Of course, you'll also want some smaller aircraft for those times when you just want to "take a look" to double-check your field management decisions. But the FireFLY6 will allow you to map large acreages without spending too much time in the field.

Interested in what we have to offer? Download our product guide. And come see us at events this winter -- starting with Agri-Trade in Red Deer this week. We'll be in the Prairie Pavilion, Salon B. Or just give us a call at (780) 448-7445.

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