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Register now for Ag Drone School 2017

Over the past two years, we've attended many events from trade-shows, to research demonstrations, to crop tours. The most common questions we encountered about drones in agriculture were:

How does imagery from a drone help my farm?

How do I fly a drone safely, and where can I fly it legally?

So we've created the Ag Drone School to answer both of those questions for you, in locations that don't make you travel to some other province to take the course.

Every delivery of the LandView ag drone school will include practical instruction on flying UAV's, the knowledge requirements for safe and legal flight, and seminars on how imagery can be used for farm management. Ultimately, the drone is there to make you money or save you money, and our team will present you with realistic information on how to use the drones on your farm.

Two full days of instruction for only $490

The Ground School will be instructed by Mat Matthews of Blackhawk Aeronautical out of Edmonton. The course will include hands-on instruction on how to fly a drone, as well as information on the legal requirements for commercial flight. Registration fees include a small training drone for you to take home after the course, and successful participants will receive a certificate documenting their attendance.

Lunches are also included both days.

Full agendas will be provided to registered participants in early March.

Questions? Contact Markus Weber to get full details.

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