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Ag Drone School: Summer Edition in Edmonton

Crops are variable across the prairies this year, but those in drier areas will likely be swathing four weeks from now. If you've been thinking of using a drone on your farm, now is the time to choose a system and get trained to use it properly. We will be offering our Ag Drone School across western Canada again after harvest (starting early November, because we're confident that grain will be in the bin earlier this year). We do also have one offering of our full two-day school near Edmonton this summer.

You'll learn about various types of crop imaging systems (RGB, NIR-converted, and multispectral) and go through examples of how you would use that data as a farmer or agronomist. The BlackHawk Aeronautical UAV ground school will give you the knowledge required by Transport Canada when applying for a Special Flight Operations Certificate. Our class is hands-on, so even if you have never flown a drone, this is the school for you. Register now at the Ag Drone School webpage or contact Markus for more details.

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