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Ag Drone School: Central & Southern AB

If you've been thinking of using a drone on your farm, right after harvest is a perfect time to choose a system and get trained to use it properly. We will be offering the school in at least a dozen locations over the winter. The Rumsey Ag Society will be hosting our first post-harvest event at their community hall on October 26-27 and the M.D. of Taber will be our host at the Taber Legion hall November 20-21, 2017.

You'll learn about various types of crop imaging systems (RGB, NIR-converted, and multispectral) and go through examples of how you would use that data as a farmer or agronomist. Software demonstrations will include Croptivity, MapsMadeEasy, FarmSolutions, and Slantview.

The BlackHawk Aeronautical UAV ground school will give you the knowledge required by Transport Canada when applying for a Special Flight

Operations Certificate. Our class is hands-on, so even if you have never flown a drone, this is the school for you.

Register now at the Ag Drone School webpage or contact Markus for more details.

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