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Advanced Certificate Training

Our “Ag Drone School” is all wrapped up for the season and most of our students already have their Basic Certificate. They will be operating their RPAS legally in uncontrolled airspace when the regulations come into effect on June 1. Thanks to the new Transport Canada regulations, the Basic Certificate will be sufficient for most farmers and agronomists. But ... if you absolutely need to get certified to operate in controlled airspace, then we have a last-minute solution for you. LandView has partnered with Clarion Drone Academy to bring their program to western Canada. Clarion has developed a three-step program that gives participants a much higher likelihood of successfully completing the requirements for an Advanced Certificate, including both the online Transport Canada test and the in-person Flight Review.

The bulk of the learning would be online, with a one-day "Mission Planning" course as preparation for the Flight Review the following day. We still have the following dates available, but registration is required a week before the event -- and you will need to pass your online test well before attending the Mission Planning course (it is a requirement to qualify for the Flight Review). If you need to get your Advanced Certificate by June 1, then start today by enrolling in the online course. And then plan to attend a Mission Planning event, followed by your Flight Review. We will have more deliveries this summer, but for those needing their Certificate immediately, we have the following dates left this month:

  • Calgary May 15-16, 2019

  • Edmonton May 20-21

  • Peace River May 22-23 (register by May 15)

  • Regina May 28-29

  • Medicine Hat May 30-31

If you want to enroll in the full 3-part program, contact us directly at Landview at or (780)448-7445. If you just want to enroll in individual components, please go directly to enrollment through Clarion's website at

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