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Ag Drone School 2019

We've created our Ag Drone School for farmers and agronomists, to answer two big questions:

1. How does imagery from a drone help my farm?

2. How do I fly a drone safely & legally?

This spring, our instructors will be on the road again to answer those questions for you. We have locations spread across all of the prairie provinces this year. Bringing the school to you means less travel cost -- and more focus on agriculture!

Every delivery of the Landview Ag Drone School will include practical instruction on flying Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS or just "drones"), so complete beginners are most welcome to attend. In addition, the course includes all of the knowledge requirements for Small Basic Operations under Transport Canada's new regulatory requirements, which come into effect on June 1, 2019. By that date, all operators of anything larger than a 250 gram micro-drone will need a Pilot's Certificate and drone registration to operate legally -- regardless of whether they are flying for fun or work.

Ultimately, the drone is there to make you money or save you money, and our team will present you with realistic information on how to use the drones on your farm.

Two full days of instruction for only $590

The Ground School will be instructed by Markus Weber and Robin Harrison in most locations. The course will include hands-on instruction on how to fly a drone, as well as information on the legal requirements for commercial flight. Registration fees include a small toy training drone (a DJI Tello) for you to take home after the course. Lunches are also included both days.

Transport Canada administers an online test as part of the new legal requirements. If you are so inclined, you could take that test before leaving the school - if you pass, you will have your Pilot's Certificate for Basic Operations once you leave the school. Two days would not be enough to cover the Advanced requirements - we recommend those only for those needing to fly in uncontrolled airspace, near airports, or several other complex scenarios. Not sure what your category of operations would be: find your category.

Questions? Contact Markus Weber to get full details.


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