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Phantom 4 Multispectral Package

  • Integrated sunlight sensor

  • Live RGB and NDVI imagery

  • Precision to the centimeter

  • 6 sensors for multiple datasets


P4 multispec.png

Multispectral Camera

  • The newest Phantom 4 has been designed with a dedicated multispectral camera with 6 bands of information and integrated sunlight sensor to automatically adjust for best image capture.

  • This camera has 6 separate bands

    • Green​

    • Red

    • Red-Edge

    • Near Infrared

    • Blue

    • RGB



Phantom 4

The Phantom series of drones is now in its 4th generation. With 27 minutes of flight time and 7km transmission range, this drone will be able to see all corners of your fields and bring you valuable information allowing you to make timely and informed decisions for your crops.

At a weight of 1487g the P4 Multispec can achieve a top speed of 50km/h and can map up to 0.47km2 per flight.

Operational within Minutes

The operation of the P4 Multispec is almost identical to the operation of DJI's consumer and prosumer product lines such as the Mavic Pro, M200/300 or Inspire. It is a robust tool with the ease of operation & volume-tested reliability of DJI flight control.

Multispectral Imaging of 400 ac with our standard bundle (3 flights)


Plenty of acreage oomph

LandView's packages includes an upgrade with 2 extra batteries and a multicharger. We include these in our standard package, so that you have the option of long and extra long mapping missions.

What's Included in our Package:

  • Basic Phantom 4 Multispectral package

    • P4 Multispec drone

    • Controller with battery

    • 2 batteries

    • Basic charging hub

    • 8 propellors

    • Foam case

  • Heavy-duty Phantom 4 case

  • 2 extra batteries

  • Simultaneous multicharging battery hub

  • 3' high visibility landing pad

  • Landview's custom accessory pack

    • 2x 32gb  "Extreme Plus" MicroSD Cards​

    • MicroSD card holder

    • 4-in-1 SD card reader 

Note: P4 Multispectral requires an IOS device to operate.

Total Package Price: $9,081


P4 multispec.png


P4 Multispectral Software

The Phantom 4 Multispectral can be operated with DJI's Ground Station Pro software which can be used for:

  • Creating/editing all flight

  • Recording flight logs

  • Orthomosaic mapping

  • 3D Mapping

  • 3D POI Imagery

  • Waypoint Mapping

  • Virtual Fencing

  • Data backup on cloud servers

P4M_Outdoor Shooting_02.jpg

Key Uses on the Farm

If you need to fly large acreage maps far from any internet connection, then this is the right combination for mapping your fields.  

  • Mapping of current crop health, with multiple indicators

  • Mapping of current crop stress to help guide scouting

  • Mapping changes in crop stress/health over time

  • Plant population counts

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