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Dual Atomized Centrifugal Sprinkler

  • 40L Tank

  • Dual Atomization

    • Even Droplets​

  • Cover up to 21.3 ha an hour

    • 15 L/ha​

    • 11m spray width

    • 7m/s

Spreading System

  • 50Kg Payload​​

  • Easy Maintenance

    • 3 minute disassembly​

  • 1.5 tonnes an hour

    • 3m high​

    • 7m spread width

    • 7m/s

    • 150 kg/ha

The Agras T40 drone is equipped with a powerful spraying system capable of covering large areas efficiently and accurately. The drone utilizes precision spraying technology, ensuring that the crops receive the optimal amount of pesticide or fertilizer, minimizing waste and maximizing crop health. This feature is especially crucial for crops like wheat, barley, and canola, as it allows for targeted and controlled application of chemicals, resulting in improved yield and reduced environmental impact.

One of the key advantages of the Agras T40 drone is its ability to operate autonomously, using advanced onboard sensors and GPS technology. You can program the drone to follow specific flight paths and adjust parameters such as altitude, speed, and spray volume according to the unique requirements of their crops. Moreover, the drone's intelligent flight control system ensures precise navigation, avoiding obstacles and maintaining a consistent and uniform spraying pattern across the fields.

Buying The Standard DJI Package you get...

LandView Agras T40 Package

​Price: $36,999.00

  • DJI Agras T40

  • 2x Agras T40 Battery

  • Agras T30 Charger - for T40

​Price: $43,138.00

  • DJI Agras T40

  • 3x Agras T40 Intelligent Battery

  • Agras T30 Charger - for T40

  • Agras T40 Spreading System

  • Extention heavy-duty charging cable for T40

  • WCH3 Charging hub for WB37

  • 2x WB37 Intelligent Battery

  • Drone Spraying & spreading Clinic 

About the Drone

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