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Dealer Training April 9-11

Extensive dealer training is planned for the AgEagle dealership network in Canada for April 9-11, 2015 in Nisku, AB.

On April 9-10 there will be a delivery by the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, a great ground school to give attendees a solid foundation in aerodynamics, air law and regulations, meteorology and the basics of unmanned aerial systems. These form most of the foundational elements for the knowledge requirements for Transport Canada's Special Flight Operations Certificate.

In addition, aeronautical communications will be taught, as preparation for students to take Industry Canada's test for the Restricted Operator's Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A).

On April 10-11, detailed training will be provided on the safe and effective operation of the AgEagle RAPID platform itself, including flight control and image processing using DroneDeploy. This training event will be run by AgEagle from Neodesha, Kansas on location in an exemption zone in rural Alberta. It will include both theoretical and field training on the platform.

The primary purpose is to equip new dealers to provide effective service to their customers, but some training seats may be available for customers as well. For details, or to enquire about dealership opportunities, please contact Markus at 780-266-4641.

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