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June 25, 2019

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"Inspired Ag" -- a smaller-acreage option

July 30, 2015

The AgEagle RAPID Carbon Pro covers up to 250 acres in one flight.  It flies at up to 100 km/h and typical imaging speed is 50 km/h so that a quarter-section is completed in about 25 minutes.  


That type of coverage is great for Canada's large acreages, but what if you only need a system to fly 50 acres at a time, or are only wanting to experiment with NDVI imagery for the first time? AgEagle Canada is now offering a new option ... introducing the DJI Inspire 1 for agriculture.



The DJI Inspire 1 is commonly available as a prosumer videography platform.  But a few of the features that make it great for video are also a unique advantage for crop scouting -- the landing gear lifts out of the way of the camera, allowing you to get an up-close view right at canopy level. And by adding a few agriculture-focused elements, the DJI Inspire 1 becomes a great crop scouting tool.  Our packages include unique elements you won't get from your local electronics resellers:

  • an NDVI-converted camera (still at the original 12MP resolution)

  • the ability to fly with DroneDeploy for automatic waypointing & stitching (beta)

  • extras required to keep you flying in the field (sunshades, batteries, chargers)


We offer two packages -- the "Inspired Ag Basic" with one extra higher-capacity TB48 battery and the "Inspired Ag Pro" that lets you use the Inspire as a true tool in your pickup:

  • 4 batteries (one TB47, three TB48 -- estimated total flight time 84 minutes)

  • a four-battery charging hub

  • a heavy-duty, air-tight Microraptor case for safely transporting with camera on

  • an NDVI-converted camera & gimbal, in addition to the standard camera

  • DroneDeploy flight pathing & image stitching for the rest of 2015

  • sunshade for your phone/tablet



Typical uses for these systems include:

1.  check strips for fertility, fungicide, or seeding rates

2.  smaller-scale field trials, whether conducted by the farmer or an input supplier

3.  weed inspection or follow-up

4.  small-scale forensic agronomy impacting small acreages:

        a. field obstructions (power structures, pipelines)

        b. impact of soil movement

        c. herbicide drift

        d. ineffective pesticide applications

        e. hail or other insurance events

        f.  trampling damage

5.  farmers wanting a lower-priced, but reliable option before committing to an AgEagle RAPID


 Fababeans with tramlines flown with the Inspired Ag - click for zoomable view.


If you would like more information, please give us a call.  Our dealers' contact information or call our headquarters (Markus) at 780-266-4641 or e-mail



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