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LandView's 2016 Product Guide

We are happy to provide you with a detailed listing of our offering of systems for 2016. Each of our packages includes everything you need to fly. We hope to not sell you anything else for the remainder of the crop year, because everything you need is right in our bundle.

We make sure that the sensor, the drone, and the software are matched perfectly.

When you buy your drone elsewhere, you will get a controller and a battery so that you can get airborne. But we don't settle for ready-to-fly, because in farm conditions you need your drone to be useful for longer than a single flight. All of our packages contain the extra batteries that you would otherwise buy (at higher cost) afterward. Other elements become obvious only after you've been flying for a while, but you will need a sunshade, spare propellers, and image stitching software. When you purchase from LandView, it's already in the package.

Interested in what we have to offer? Download our product guide.

Need more details? Call our team at (780) 448-7445.

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